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Government and Private Sector Strategy and Organization development

Business re-engineering and process restructuring

Business and system architect

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Masters of Science in Business and Information Technology from Milddelsex University, London, Unided Kingdome

Bachelors of Science in Business and Finance from Egypt Suez Canal University

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National Human Resources Studies in relation with technical vocational and education

Research and Innovation national studies

Optimal design for LMIS Egypt

Public Finance GRP for Egypt

Reducing steps and effort for citizen services

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Process & Business Solutions -

One Stop Shop Projects for Licensing and Permits, G2G, G2B, G2c Services

Enterprise Resources Planning and Government Public finance solutions

General portals design, mobile app business architectures

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Process Re-Engineering & BPMN - UML Based

Professional business architect, restructuring using business architectural framework such as EAF, ZACHMAN and TOGAF

Business Process mapping is based always on enterprise architecture for both national and private sector projects

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Labour/Labor Market Information & LMIS

Mapping of the Labour Market information in Egypt with its sub systems such as career guidance, innovation, entrepreneurship

the portal architect and design was also based on feedback from government agencies such as involved ministries and private sectors

the LMIS is a national portal is based on international best practices from several countries

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